Who are we? What do we do?

Papyritec is an innovative Singapore based Green Technology company. We pride ourselves as future seekers, risk takers, technology lovers and environment protectors. 

As an Earth-Centric Company, our focus is on curating technology based on strict standards so that every single one of our offerings is without a doubt — environmentally protective. We believe that pushing the boundaries of technology can help us overcome past practises that are unsustainable and damaging to us and the environment. We can find our range of offerings on our products page!

Papyritec is always pushing the boundaries of science and challenging old paradigms. When the wave of challenge arise, we believe that there are always ways to rise above it. You can find out what we are up to in our Coming Soon page!

Papyritec is on the lookout for partners! If you have an interesting proposition on how we can tackle climate change with your product, we are always happy to lend a listening ear and extend a helping hand. Talk to us on our Contact Us page!