Sagan Coat

Self-cleaning photocatalyst coating
Apply this easy spray on coating to confer self-cleaning properties to building facades, infrastructure, and solar panels. Replaces manual labour and chemical soaps for cleaning.


Notox Pesticide

Non-toxic botanical pesticide effective in killing pests such as cockroaches and mosquitoes while sparing the lives of bees, dragonflies etc. It is odourless and an excellent replacement to all unhealthy thermal fogging.


Oyveh Ecoball

Using biological enzymes, Oyveh effectively clears clogs in pipes due to fats, oil, and grease build up. Enzymes in Oyveh eat up oils and leave behind water and harmless soluble byproducts. Grease tanks and pipes have never been easier to maintain. Replaces bleach and acid solutions that is traditionally used for de-clogging.


Eco-Thermal Plaster

Controlling heat exchange between buildings and the atmosphere is a huge problem architects around the world have to grapple with. Eco-thermal plaster combines cutting edge material science technology and ancient wisdom to solve this problem. Eco-thermal plaster uses recycled vacuum encapsulated pumice with natural hydraulic binders to create a breathable insulating plaster that is not only lightweight, and functional but helpful to the environment. Replaces common plasters.